Portrait Parlers (c): Your story in your words.

Do you want to tell your biography or your community story? Schedule an appointment with me, marsha@squaretowergroup.com .

Do you want me to interview a loved one about family history?

Is there a heroic person who is a living encyclopedia of wisdom?

Would you like a mini-documentary to show at your next family reunion?

Portrait Parlers (c) are video interviews and more. Prices start at $399 for a 90-minute individual video interview that I will edit into a finished product that includes photos and historical context. The basic video package rate includes up to five scanned photos that you send me by email. I will try to find images that are in the public domain but there may not be any that match your story. I will also look for historical sources to put in a bibliography or list to help your audience understand the significance of your story.

Here is a five-minute snippet of a much longer interview.

The final product in the basic package is a digital file that includes the edited video and historical context information.

More features can be purchased, like a co-authored (me and you) printed transcript in ebook, paperback or hardback editions that I can register with the Library of Congress. We can discuss the details and cost.

Family reunion co-authored and copyrighted mini-documentaries are possible and we can discuss a custom package for a multi-person set of interviews.

**I reserve an editor’s right to delete information that is lewd, intended to harm or that goes against my goal to produce for you a wholesome story that can be enjoyed by general audiences.

The largest project I worked on was more than 100 persons in 60+ hours of raw footage that became a 2-hour movie about fifty years of an institution’s history. Every interviewee had a line in the final film project! This project took many months and a staff of people to complete and a project of this scale costs much, much more. You can watch this film at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiPIpHdcUek

I want to help you tell your story to family and friends or even to the public. Contact me at Marsha@squaretowergroup.com.