Nancy’s Neighbors Meet Bella Prizzi


In 1914, two-year-old Bella Prizzi arrived in the United States from Italy with her father Tino and her mother Alina. Why did they leave Italy to settle in Connecticut? Bella describes her home, her mother’s and father’s day-to-day chores, neighborhood events, and even what it was like to leave the family to work in a New York City garment factory in the Roaring Twenties! It wasn’t such an easy life, raising four or five or six children on a bread baker’s wages, taking the trolley to work for a nickel each way, making the groceries before there were electric refrigerators, and what have you. There was such a thing as World War I, the Great Depression and the Prohibition. But Tino and Alina lived their American dream in a multilingual Catholic community as good people who raised good children like Bella Prizzi.
ISBN‎ 978-1735457451; paperback; English; illustrated; 74 pages; published March 30, 2023.


Welcome to Nancy’s Neighbors.

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The storytellers want to inspire you with stories about how it was in the twentieth century so that you can make the twenty-first century a better one. Sometimes, the names or dates have been changed. The stories are about real people and real events and real places.

If you lost a storyteller in your life, our hope is that these stories might fill that gap in your heart just a little bit.
Stories can make us more human, wiser and more humane.

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