Matriarchy, Patriarchy, and National Security: The Idea of National Security in Africa, in Europe, and in the United States


Peace is more prosperous than forever wars.
Author Marsha R. Robinson, PhD, presents national security, imperial conflicts, as well as asymmetrical wars from ancient times to the present as contests between societies where men think that men and women have equal rights (matriarchy) and societies where men are rewarded for exploiting women in the name of race, religion, nationalism, or greed (patriarchy). Matriarchy is the default mode of human society and patriarchy evolved into a dehumanizing gender bomb that makes men more disposable than women.

ISBN-13‎ 978-1735457437; paperback; English; 285 pages; published July 18, 2022.


The Primordial Question of national security across human history is: Will my family eat today and sleep peacefully through the night?

Robinson invites readers to exit the inherently lethal, binary mode of Cold War, realist thinking by rebooting thought patterns learned as children. Instead of 19th-century colonial “or” thought, she uses three metaphors to bring readers to 21st-century “and” thinking shown in UN MDGs, international regional trade, defense and development associations. Why? Peace is more prosperous than forever wars.

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