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Promoting peace at the personal, community and international levels

After more than twenty years of research, teaching and traveling to 35+ U.S. states and 18 foreign countries, I have listened to many people and learned to see the world from multiple perspectives. Now, I hope you will help me reach more people through Greenbirding.

Greenbirding is a teaching technique I developed to help people let go of ideas that seem to promote conflict and to be ready to learn about the peaceful alternatives.

I offer professional development seminars for clergy, for educators, and for diversity/equity/inclusion sessions.

I offer books that contain some of my research findings. I have more books listed below.

Need a speaker for a Bible study class, civic club, a community group, or a support group? I am available for virtual meetings during this COVID-19 crisis.

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Book cover: Greenbirding America: About White Supremacy

Price: $35.00 plus S&H. Racism in America. How did the land of liberty and the home of the free and the brave descend from the racial equality of 1619 Virginia Colony to the mild and/or violent structural racism of the 21st century? Why are some descendants of Ellis Island immigrants more racist than some descendants of those who arrived before the US Civil War? What is it that frightens white supremacists so much that they live in a perpetual state of war with fellow Americans? Where did this all start? In this book, I introduce you to the greenbirding method as a way of applying Biblical, classical and Enlightenment philosophy to understand how white supremacy was invented to justify the oppression by some white Europeans of other white Europeans who were less valued by their governments than slaves purchased in Africa. It is widely believed that slaves in the US could be whipped only 40 times. Did you know that some white British soldiers were sentenced to 200, 500 or 1000 lashes spaced over days to assure that the soldier lived through the experience? Do you think those retired soldiers and their families would resent being less valued than a slave if they became overseers in the Carolinas? How does their resentment, shame and pain translate over generations? This book consists of essays that explore white supremacy as a greenbird idea that imprisons and harms its believers who misdirect their fear-filled anger against the wrong target. Their enemy is not people of color. No people of color should be harmed because of white supremacy. This compassionate approach is hard to do when so many people of color are harmed daily in this nation but this approach does some of the after-work of protest marches. Are you looking for information to end racism in America? This book is an introduction to a compassionate approach for awaking white supremacists and racists who are still stuck in 1820s and 1920s racisms through one-to-one conversations so that they will stop their war against their neighbors and against our nation. The 21st-century is a frightening world to them. Help them to live in it peacefully.

Book cover: Ten Commandments against Abuse: Love without War

Price: $15.00 plus S&H. In the dark hours of a snowy winter night in my early childhood, I remember my father and mother bundling me into the car to drive to the home of a very old man who was trying to beat his very old wife to death. Again. In the fifty years since then, I became more aware that the pleasantness of public spaces are sanctuaries from the private wars that take place in small homes and in mansions in this country and around the world. If you wish to be aware, you can see people walking along transparent minefields of prescribed behavior and habits. If you wish to listen, you can hear scathing verbal salvos against the ego. If you don’t turn away too quickly, you can see the bruises, the shell-shocked gait, and the calloused patches of faces where fists have landed habitually. What you may not be able to avoid is the loud silence that follows news of the death of someone you know who lost their life in their own domestic violence war. Five times, I have heard that grating silence.The first was a deaconess of a church who was taught to pray for her husband while he beat her. He shot her. In the last fifty years, in more than 35 states and nearly 20 countries, I have heard so many justifications of domestic violence as custom, ordinary, even legal by religious tradition. When I heard a preacher shout from a Sunday morning pulpit that wife abuse is a wife’s fault and I saw his wife’s head bow down, I determined to write this book for abused spouses and partners. The Ten Commandments are a social code common to many cultures. In the Ten Commandments are guidelines for harmonious, non-violent relationships. In the Old and New Testaments of the Bible are escape clauses for leaving abusive marriages. If you are abused, a child or friend of an abused person, and especially a religious leader and teacher, this book is written for you. I am not a trained professional. I am one person who is tired of the violence. If you are being abused, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE. You deserve to live and there are people who care. I hope this book will help you realize that you are important and you do not have to sacrifice your self-esteem or body as a sign of religious piety. The Ten Commandments are a guide against abuse and a path to love without war.

Other books by Marsha R. Robinson

  • Disobedient Histories from Ancient and Modern Times: International Relations, Governance, War and Peace (author, 2018, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK)
  • Matriarchy, Patriarchy and Imperial Security in Africa: Explaining Riots in Europe and Violence in Africa (author, 2012, Lexington Books, MD.)
  • Purgatory between Kentucky and Canada: African Americans in Ohio (Editor, 2013, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK)
  • Women Who Belong: Claiming a Female’s Right-Filled-Place (editor, 2013, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK)
  • Lesser Civil Wars: Civilians Defining War and the Memory of War (editor, 2012, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK)

Numerous articles, review essays and reviews of book by other authors on topics such as world history, international relations, terrorism, empire, gender, war and peace.

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