Editing & Publishing Services

Square Tower Group helps you share your story with your audience.

Do you need an editor for a newsletter or professional journal? Our editing team includes technical writers and professors who use MLA and CMOS writing styles for academic publications like journal articles or textbooks.

We can help you polish your prose, modify a translated draft to U.S. English, and even publish it. Rates can be by the hour and by the page.

We can co-author and share the royalties. We can do the work of registering the ISBN and sending a copy to the Library of Congress.

How can we help you tell your story?

Schedule a video appointment with Marsha@squaretowergroup.com.

When you make your request, suggest three days and times, being certain to let us know your time zone (GMT =/-__ or nearest international airport). We will confirm and schedule meeting via Zoom or Google Meet.

Examples of our work:

An edited journal with contributors from around the world. https://www.jpanafrican.org/vol11no9.htm

An annual publication of conference proceedings with many authors.

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