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Red tropical weight, breathable silk/wool blend gown with traditional bell sleeves, grey 100% cotton velvet chevrons piped in black. Cuffed sleeves, lined or not, and additional colors are available.

Regalia & Doctoral Robes

We use fine fabrics like silk, tropical wools, and linen in our made-to-measure doctoral gowns and tams.

Professional Development & Public Seminars or Bible Studies for Those in Helping Professions

Current topics: Racism, Domestic Violence

Seminar formats in this COVID19 era are available! Seminars contain information not in the books. Contact Marsha Robinson for more details at

Greenbirding America: About White Supremacy (Greenbirdpeace)
Introduces Greenbirding as a teaching tool. Explores the history of white supremacy as white-on-white oppression before it became white-on-black/brown ritual violence and institutional racism. Uses Bible, classical philosophy and the US Constitution to compassionately awaken fearful racists stuck in 1820 or 1920. This book is available at for $35.00
Bible study about domestic violence. Seminar available to train instructors and groups of clergy. The book is available at for $15.00.
Ivory Coronation chasuble. Example of brocades, metallic and satin trims. Many, many color combinations available including liturgical seasonal colors.

Vestments: Chasubles, Stoles, Funeral Palls, Altar Hangings & more.

We have many fabrics, brocades, velvets, metallics, sacred images, and trims. We can reflect your ministry, your sanctuary decor, and/or the liturgical seasonal colors. We listen to you before we design.

Our story.

2020 Social Justice Update! Greenbirdpeace is our new ministry to help those raised to hate and abuse learn to live in love and peace with dignity for themselves and respect for others. House of Aaron Regalia LLC offers consulting, design services, and seminars to accompany each of the books listed on this page.

What a seminar sponsor said about Greenbirding America: About White Supremacy

A week after this seminar and our group is still talking about it. The greenbird method helped us to look at more sides of racism. We did not know about the history of white supremacy the way she presented it. It makes sense. Now we want to do more with what she taught us.

What a customer said about Ten Commandments against Abuse: Love without War

“Dr. Robinson is high level scholar who has addressed some of the most important topics for global women. In this little book, she writes in a conversational, up close, and kin-style way. Or rather, she ministers! I love and admire her creative approach to addressing abuse dynamics of intimate relationships as well as the fact that the church enables male-centered interpretation of scripture which in turn aids and abets domestic violence in the so-called Christian culture. Her point is well-made that the church has an overwhelming reliance on the teachings of Paul rather than the actual teachings of Christ. I have held the same analysis since I was a teenager and figured it out – but have rarely seen it addressed so blatantly. If I would’ve had this light-filled book back then, I may well have avoided some man traps and speeded my healing of my childhood home experiences. As it is, I am experiencing healing just reading it now. Highly HIGHLY recommend.”

Design services: Just over twenty-five years ago, I started House of Aaron to design clergy and choir wear. After studying the Book of Exodus directions for building the tabernacle, I learned that what we wear at the altar is another form of sharing lessons about the glory of God. The name House of Aaron is my way of acknowledging that my family tree includes ministers as far back as the 1800s. It made sense to choose Aaron, Moses’ brother and priest. We use natural fiber as much as possible,to follow Biblical descriptions.

Our niche is our custom-tailoring for people with all body types and sizes. Our bespoke designs are made to fit you, your career and message needs in a face-to-face or virtual session. We do not carry inventory of pre-made items.

In 2019, we expanded to include Bible studies and professional development seminars to help you help others. We launched a Bible study about domestic violence.

What our customers have said about our vestments.

“I am a pastor of a congregation in Florida. I heard that House of Aaron could create something that I would be comfortable in year-round. My black silk cassock is so light and airy that she put extra weights in it. I’m glad I drove to the studio for a fitting.”

“I’ve always dreamed of a wardrobe of preaching robes in colors that mean something to me and that are not in the standard catalogs. Also, I am on the large side and nothing on the rack fits. House of Aaron designed a portfolio of robes that I ordered one at a time and they were sent to me at my new parish. I’m really pleased with the hem that is even front and back from the floor.”

I am a recovering alcoholic who is also a pastor. I wanted to go public about this with my congregation and I wanted to wear something that would remind me of God’s mercy every time I vested. House of Aaron designed a stole with colors and motifs that speaks this message for me.”

“I met with House of Aaron in my last year of seminary. Not only did House of Aaron make my doctoral gown, hood and tam, they also made a set of stoles in the basic liturgical colors. I was off to a good start.”

“Some of my parishioners were not happy to have me, a woman, as their pastor. They claimed that my curves were too distracting. House of Aaron made me a lovely robe that accentuates my femininity but it also is so traditional that it silenced the comments about my curves.”

Let House of Aaron design for you!