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Telling Your Story to Your Audience

Marsha R. Robinson: Marsha@squaretowergroup.com

Hi, I’m Marsha R. Robinson, PhD,
and I am a story collector.

Elders gave me stories to remember as we sat on front porches,

locked in our triangles of time: their yesterdays, our now, my tomorrows.

Then, I started reading stories in towers, mostly square ones, like Georgetown University, the US National Archives, the Bodleian Library at Oxford University, and archives in other countries. I produced some of the stories in book form, some in video, and some in the design of celebration robes for religious services and graduations.

My favorite stories are the ones about people and how they lived their lives. I published books about war, peace and business but I love the stories that people tell about themselves, their parents and grandparents, their struggles, their joys, their loves and their hopes.

I want to help you tell your story to family and friends or even to the public. Please browse these pages to find a form that best matches the story that you want to tell.